About Me

Angelo Camassa

My name is Angelo Camassa and I am an Italian songwriter.

Tu Per Me” is a song that I have written few years ago,

sung by an outstanding Italian singer Stefano Nobile (La Voce Del Nord).

My latest work is a Greek song titled “The Dawn Of Life

co-written with an amazing Greek singer/actorGeorge Arvanitidis,

produced and arranged by the extraordinary Silvio Galasso.

“Chante Pour Moi” a Pop/Classical crossover French song, arranged and produced by Silvio Galasso and sung by a top class Soprano Monique Klongtruadroke (La MoniQ).

Summer Story” is a song that I have co-written with Silvio Galasso and sung by Andy Benn.

Como Vivir” is a song co-written by myself & Gex Sierchio and also sung by the very talented Gerardo (Gex).

With Silvio Galasso I have co-written a Love & Peace Song titled “Together“,

wonderfully performed by Ansil feat. Niquè (Sasha Patterson),

on the guitars the very talented Luca Boscagin.

I also had the privilege of co-writing “It’s Wonderful” with Roberto Danova,

sung by Rock Mystery an incredible rock voice.